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The Structure Book 1

In the year 2275, Earth's last survivors grapple with the harsh realities of space survival. Amidst this, Jack, a teenage boy, embarks on a high school survival test like no other. When an ominous green light appears in the sky, unleashing deadly consequences, the freshman class of Delta Psi High faces imminent peril. Jack emerges as their unlikely savior, thrust into a thrilling saga that could determine the fate of humanity.

The Structure Book 2

Jack, now faced with the greatest challenge of his early adult life must figure out where he is and how he can fix what's been done to his friends. Chasing his dreams and trying to understand the green light, with the help of his new friend Krollo, can Jack save his friends?

The Structure: Book 3 Life on Delta Psi

In the riveting third installment of "The Structure" series, "Life on Delta Psi," protagonist Jack and his companions confront a gripping tale of survival where moral boundaries are severely tested. Struggling to make sense of unexplained deaths within their circle, the friends find themselves amidst a perplexing scenario-replaced by eerily lifelike robots. The narrative takes a surreal turn as the group is thrust into a realm where reality and dreams seamlessly merge. Jack's enigmatic ability as a Dream Walker adds an extra layer of mystery to their odyssey, leading to a climactic encounter with a celestial phenomenon mirroring Jack's unsettling dreams. As they embark on a quest for answers, the characters grapple with the fragile nature of life, navigate the intricate dynamics of friendship, and reckon with the repercussions of wielding extraordinary powers

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